Cache Dependencies in SharePoint

While writing a data layer based on data stored in a SharePoint list, I implemented the collection as a static singleton that forced refreshes of the data every 15 minutes. A colleague was doing something similar in a roll-up web part and we started discussing Cache Dependency objects used for the HttpContext. Could this work with SharePoint objects? No, says "The Kid". But he gave me a good idea.

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SharePoint Testing Base Class

I have created a base class library for testing SharePoint projects using unit tests, regression tests, integration tests and automated browser tests. It uses the two third-party applications TypeMock Isolator for SharePoint and WatIN. As an example, if a web part calls the SPContext as: 1: /// <summary> 2: /// Primitive sample of web part using the <see cref="SPContext"/> object.

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SharePoint Solution Installer Fix

When using the SharePoint Solution Installer from CodePlex, you frequently receive the error message (as discussed within the discussions on the site)  "This solution contains resources scoped for a Web application and must be deployed to one or more Web applications" This can easily be fixed by changing the code within InstallProcessControl.

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