SharePoint, WCM and the Magic Quadrant

I was recently turned to a post about the Magic Quadrant for CMS where Microsoft and SharePoint was nowhere to be seen. Emails were sent. Lync was flaring.  I often get the question how SharePoint compare to EPiServer (who has a strong hold of WCM in Sweden) but the focus is only on what EPiServer can do – not what SharePoint can do that WCM products can’t. The point is – you cannot compare Microsoft SharePoint as a platform with products such as  EPiServer or SiteCore.

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Converting C# to PowerShell

I found a great tip from Paulo Morgado around generating PowerShell from C# code. .NET Reflector has an array of add-ons on CodePlex, and one of these is the PowerShell add-on that allows you to disassemble code directly into PowerShell. In this example, I am opening the method ChangeAccountPassword from the SPUtility library in SharePoint: I can now change targets from C# to PowerShell.

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SharePoint Conference 2011

This year’s conference was great and provided everything; sunny weather, interesting speakers, great parties, cool swag giveaways from the exhibitors and most of all a great amount of information. It is a humbling feeling to look back over the crowd during the opening keynote and not being able to see the end of the room for the 7500 or so attendees.

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