AutoSPInstaller: Prepare for Unattended Installation

This post is part of a series covering how to configure and run AutoSPInstaller, a set of scripts that can be used to automatically install SharePoint. In this post, we will look at how to prepare our servers for unattended installation.

Update: This post has been running for years and the AutoSPInstaller team now has an official site with guides, Q&A and an automated, browser-based AutoSPInstaller GUI . You can find it at

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Prepare for unattended installation

Personally, I like drinking coffee better than staring at a monitor. Therefore, I want the installation to bother me as little as possible, i.e. not at all. I don’t want meaningless confirm clicks or silly errors.

1. Turn off the nag by typing “Run…”, “msconfig”, “Tools” and launch “Change UAC Settings”.


2. Turn off warning on file open by typing “Run…” “gpedit.msc”, “User Configuration”, “Administrative Templates”, “Windows Components”, “Attachment Manager”, “Inclusing list for low file types” and add “.exe;” to the list.


For more info, see

In the AutoSPInstallerInput.xml script, which can be found under C:\SP\AutoSPInstaller, set the AutoAdminLogon element parameter Enabled to True and enter your password. This will automatically logon the install account and resume the installation should the installation process require a reboot.