Troubleshoot: Workflow Manager Errors in SharePoint

Here are a few errors and solutions that I have found when working with Workflow Manager.

Failed to register because the farm or partition is already registered with a workflow service

If you reconfigure a site that is already configured, you might get this error. There does not seem to be an “unregister” function, so instead use the –Force attribute during registration, such as:

Register-SPWorkflowService -SPSite –WorkflowHostUri –AllowOAuthHttp -Force

Microsoft.Workflow.Client.ScopeNotFoundException: Scope ‘/SharePoint/default/x’ was not found

This commonly occurs when publishing a workflow and stops the operation to complete. Use the ScopeName attribute during registration, such as:

Register-SPWorkflowService -SPSite –WorkflowHostUri –AllowOAuthHttp –Force -ScopeName SharePoint

Service bus already exists when reinstalling Workflow Manager

If you reinstall Workflow Manager, after a patch process or disaster recovery, and the installation fails as the service bus is already registered, simply stop all Service Bus services before running the configuration wizard.

Account issues

There is a public page with more common issues such as

  • The Workflow manager configuration fails unless logged in as the WF service account
  • The Workflow manager account must be in the same domain as the server

More info:

Also, make sure the WF service account has at least “least priviledge” access which means:

  • local administrator on the Workflow Manager server
  • member of the WFAdmins security group
  • member of SharePoint Farm Administrators group
  • has been added to the ShellAdmin role for the target contentDb, refer to Add-SPShellAdmin
  • is member of the SysAdmin role in SQL Server

More info: