Automating SharePoint App Packages using PowerShell

21 April, 2016

When you distribute an app through Visual Studio, you set the Client ID and redirect URL and this is then written inside the .app file. This file is in fact a .zip file and is then uploaded to the corporate app catalog. However, I wanted to automate this from my build server and/or for installation in different environments. The app file can be unzipped using PowerShell and we can modify the AppManifest.xml file to hold updated Client ID and redirect URL.


Automating Internet Explorer using PowerShell and resetting Alternate CSS URL

08 April, 2016

I was using remote provisioning to set the alternate CSS URL for a SharePoint site but found that, when doing so, the subsites were not applied. When you set the alternate CSS URL property using the server-side API, it does apply to subsites. Instead, I wrote a small script that automates all this using the Internet Explorer browser hook in PowerShell. Helper Methods First, I need a global window to work with as I do not want to reopen IE for everything I do.