Troubleshoot: Workflow Manager Errors in SharePoint

04 February, 2015

Here are a few errors and solutions that I have found when working with Workflow Manager. Failed to register because the farm or partition is already registered with a workflow service If you reconfigure a site that is already configured, you might get this error. There does not seem to be an “unregister” function, so instead use the –Force attribute during registration, such as: Register-SPWorkflowService -SPSite –WorkflowHostUri http://wf.lekman.


SharePoint High Trust Apps and ADFS/SAML

01 February, 2015

A high trust app requires several things in order to work: an S2S trust configuration that generates the OAuth token, a private certificate for decrypting the OAuth token and a registered issuer ID and client ID. If this is in place, then the OAuth token will contain the claim that allows an app to talk to SharePoint will be sent to the app. However, the user portion of the token is not sent by SharePoint – it must be generated on the app side.


Custom Provisioning of settings, Apps and App Parts during Site Creation

18 December, 2014

Background The App framework has a few things that need to be implemented before we can abandon the Web Part model. In my latest project, we ran into the issue of web template provisioning and Apps. We can do this using Web Parts and standard farm features but we are not coding to that pattern – we are using a “cloud ready” App model.


SharePoint dialog for Long Running Operations in CSOM

17 December, 2014

Scenario: You need to display a modal dialog over the entire page while a CSOM script is executing. You want to stop the user from performing other actions and give them a notification. Normally, you would use a Long Running Operation to achieve this but this will not work in CSOM or JavaScript Solution Here is my solution in action. Here, we are automating the addition of apps and app parts during site provisioning and need the user to stay put while it completes.


Gamifying Chores and Homework

11 November, 2014

This is definitely off-topic but I have had many questions on this. My son has a points-scheme which allows him to save up pocket money. It is the only thing that has consistently motivated him to do chores, homework and go to bed on time ever. And we obviously use technology and “business intelligence” for this. I run the system in a simple Apple Numbers spreadsheet that works, via iCloud, on all devices and can now also be shared using iCloud Drive.