Workaround: Sorting App Part Properties in SharePoint 2013

The app part has a number of limitations compared to web parts, such as inability to package a default chrome type and, for some reason, sorting of app part properties. This *might* seem like a small deal but when you have a logical flow for editors then this becomes an issue. Solution 1: Using regions Regions can be used to bring order to the app part properties. For me, this is only half the solution but it still works. The region format results in a semi-ordered property list.

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Managing “Default Growth Rate” on SQL Databases

SQL databases are normally set up using default settings which sets the growth rate of the database, i.e. the size the database grows each time when it runs out of space. During this time, the database is executing in a single-thread mode and this behavior is bad for performance, especially for SharePoint installations where many write operations occurs when many users upload documents. Identify default databases A very clever set of scripts are available from the RedGate blog “simple talk”.

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Error: “Remote SharePoint site connections are not supported”

When working with SharePoint projects in Visual Studio and setting the project Site URL property, you might get the following error. Error: Remote SharePoint site connections are not supported If you have first checked the URL and if you are using, for example, fully qualified domain names instead of simply using the local machine name then this occurs if the site is not in your HOSTS file. Visual Studio will only deploy to SharePoint sites that are mapped to localhost.

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